The Lost Lance

A bargain with Dragonborn

After the undead-king fight, the party head in the direction they believe will get them to the tower with the dragonborn camped on top. They find a room with a Hydra skeleton and a lightning trapped chest. then fight more elemental and mechanical guardians in a room with pillars and eventually find some dragonborn with whom Grelda almost starts a fight. A quick truce is made, they meat with the leader here and are invited for lunch.

It seems the dragonborn were tracking the Tiefling wizard (Now dead), discovered it was here looking for a powerful object, so now they want this object so that the teiflings can’t get it. Peter convinces (bluff/diplomacy) them that it’s better off in the party’s hands, and Sam activates the Third Magic Sphere. (One sphere on the top of each of the towers) The party continue to explore heading in the direction of the last tower.

They soon encounter a curious group, a yuan-ti, a bugbear and a mind-flayer (with thralls). A fight ensues with the eventual defeat of them all. At first they captured the mind-flayer and found out the evil group was here by an accident of dimentional shift gone wrong, and they were attempting to leave. So half the party wanted to help it leave, the other half in favor of killing it. Unknown to them it’s telepathy caught the killing part and figured he wasn’t going down so easily, so he starts a new, desperate, fight and is killed.

The party enters into the last tower’s base, find and fight some spiders, who apparently came from caves below that opened-up and collapsed from the recent quakes.

Epic fights of Epic-ness

The party embattle the Teifling wizard and his statue guardians, finding out destroying one guardian makes the others stronger! They prevail, in the end, and travel back to Sam’s Master’s tower to rest up a bit, they find he’s still not there, but left a note in-between visits. Sam is still concerned and leaves a note as well.

The party return to the Earth Temple™ and explore more of the under-dungeon parts. Fight some Oozes. Find a library they have to drag Sam away from. They find a curious room with a bunch of holes in the floor, arranged in concentric circles. No Trap. Hmm? Next to it they find a bunch of maps, and a plain wooden staff with markings indicating a head piece should go onto it (Indiana Jones style). They figure it has to do with the hole-y room. Clearly they need to find the head-piece.

They continue to explore the complex, find unused bedrooms and dining areas and kitchens, and even baths with water elementals to fight (In an earth temple?) They find a large room with trees, grass, birds, and a dryad! seems she’s been there only with a few treants to keep her company for over 2000 years. She’s a bit crazy, but harmless. Turns out she is supposed to be the focus for a ritual involving the staff-and-hole-y room.

They leave her be, and encounter more trophy rooms all in disarray because of the past earthquakes. Turns out one of the objects was a prison for an undead-king guy. They fight. He makes Sam vomit s snake swarm. (ew!) but they defeat him and Grelda takes his now empty helmet at trophy.


After defeating a few more spell-like monsters the party learns that some of the temple actually rises above the mountain and that there are 4 towers, the one they are in is half destroyed with upper floors still floating 60 feet in the air. One of the other towers has a hole in its side and demons could be seen within, another tower is missing its pyramidal roof and looks like some Dragonborn had made a camp their, with tents and flags flapping the the wind.

The party continues to climb its way up the tower they were in killing more spell-monters and even a salt-golem, with the dragonborn gathered looking and cheering them on, clearly some of them taking bets. At one point the party shoved the salt golem down the 60 feet to the ground below, but didn’t kill it, and Grelda decided 60 feet wasn’t so far and jumped down after it. That was not so good a thing and nearly died herself. Peter had to stab himself to activate his magic cloak to fly down to aid her, and finally destroy the golem.

The party activate a large magic sphere on the top the tower that partially activates some magic runes back in the main chamber. Clearly, the party has to activate other spheres in the other towers to get the lance-part that was put in the temple.

Seeing that the Dragonborn appear non-overtly hostile, the party go into the tower with the demons, and have many battles with all types and kinds of demon, including hellhounds and succubi. Chasing the last succubus up to the top level Gog Sees a Tiefling wizard and a bunch of stone-golem-things. The tiefling points to gog and command his constructs to destroy!

A new party member!

After an extended time in which Samara talks and learns from the really, really, really old dragon. The party travels to the young dragons lair. On their way the meet a half-ogress (Goliath in 4eds rules) attacked by kobolds. Her name is Grelda. They help her out. She learns of their short-term quest to kill the dragon and decides to go along. They defeat the dragon and his koblod minions (Not actual minions) and get the next key (They now have 4 of 12).

On their way back to the really, really, really old dragon, the party tells of their goal to get the pieces of Alric’s lance and to put it back together again before the Bad guys do. Grelda joins the group, intent on helping.

They return to find the old dragon had died (of old age!) They open the temple door and enter. They travel down a long hall (Hundrads of yards) that opens up into a large chamber that extends up 60’ and there is a skylight made of crystal. It is broken, a rope ladder partially hangs from it the the party finds a broken body at the bottom, dead for a while. The party finds a room with a large mural with Alric defeating Markat with the Lance, a room with trophies all in shambles (earthquake). There are 4 other main doors. The party chooses one, has to overcome chasms and cave-ins (more signs of earthquake) fight some minor earth-type elementals, then fight some living spells.


The party enters the Iron Mountains, traveling along dwarven surface roads south in order to get to the earth temple. The party encounters trolls, first a hunting party by a bridge, then later a valley full of them lead by a shaman with a magic cloak. The shaman was doing a magic ritual on a stone circle, the party felt obliged to defeat them, and did. Eventually.

After, the party encountered the strangest dwarves, the lived on the surface, shaved their beards, and made wine (really good wine!) Their village, and many of the villages in the area, was under attacks by a rampaging dragon. Though it was strange, it seem they had a long standing pact with the dragon that was all peaceful, but now the dragon was intent on rampaging. Grrr.

Remembering the dragon the party had to fight in order to get into Alric’s well, the party continue to the earth temple (They are really close now) where they find a similar ‘arena’ in which to fight, A large door that won’t open with any key they posses, and a large cave entrance. They enter the cave to find a really, really, really old dragon. He tells them of sons who won’t honor the pact and that the key the party needs to enter the temple is on the one who continues to ravege the area.


The party goes to the next farm that they find burned to the ground and find gnoll tracks that lead to the local keep, that they find has been taken by the gnolls. As good heroes do, they storm the keep systematically defeating the gnolls within. Also a golem in a tower.

They then continue their travels to the Earth temple. Spreading word of gnoll activity.

The party encounter some owlbears.

In the city of Barstone, they do a bit of shopping and information-gathering. They see some Guild Arcors looking around the marketplace and avoid them. During the night the local temple is attacked by undead (tunneling undead). The party do some dungeon delving and defeat the undead, who were commanded by a minotaur death-priest and were trying to do some evil-summoning ritual. Also, at the same time, the gnolls were attacking the city walls – they were defeated by the city guard.

After saving the day. The party continues its way to the earth temple. They have a short meeting in Orden with Guild Arcor Captain Wallace, who give them some more information about Chester’s murder, and that he cannot be raised, his soul being held by some god or demon prince.

The Part Where Samara Bosses the Party Around

The Party opens the last door into a chamber that has a 10’ wide pedestal holding a crystal orb. There are also statues of Po, Ez’Ra, and Kardurg. There is also a large mural of Alric’s Battle with Morkat where Alric is holding the lance instead of the sword. Also a Chest. Gog goes to grab the orb and the part have a final vision.

Po and all his assistants enter the unfinished chamber the party had just walked into. Also an elderly elf walks in carrying Alric’s Lance. They do a ritual that breaks the lance into four parts and give one each to a “Master of the Element” to hide in specially built Temple. The elf asks if this was really needed, as by the ritual only he can put the lance back together and he’s not that young anymore. Po comments that the Lance will be needed later, but is too powerful to just leave intact, and the ritual will work with him…or his heirs.

The vision fades. The party finds that the orb will show the direction of the different temples. They also open the chest to find a bunch of other magic items to help on their journey. Being confidant that they have what they need they prepare to leave the well. Samara bosses the party to spend a day using the teleportation circle in the well to transport the entire library to Samara’s Master’s tower in Kingston, where they find him mysteriously missing. Questioning his new apprentice yields no results.

The Party portal-stones to Cross buy and sell a bunch of loot, portal-stones to Highover to recover their horses and cart and set out west to travel to the Earth Temple, as they think it’s the easiest to travel to.

About a week later as they’re about to make camp for the night, they get ambushed by goblin wolf riders. but quickly dispatch them. A few days later they have a comical encounter with Ozu, High priest of Moz who was sitting along the road side charging 25gp for the privilege to play him in a game of chess. Peter haggles him down to 5gp, and through the use of bluff, insite and intimidation (And his lucky elven pin) win the game. Though any expert could see neither of them were playing by any kind of official rules.

They leave Ozu and travel a few more hours until they see a pillar of smoke off to the side of the road. They discover a farmstead being attacked by gnolls. The party enter the conflict and dispatch the raiders with ease. The Farmer introduces himself as Farmer Emmet Brown. The party does a quick search and find a large bag of loot belonging to another farm nearby…

Behind the Vault Doors

The party methodically finish turning off the remaining water and earth pillars, defeating the remaining elementals to do so. They take the four crystal eggs they’ve collected and with two of the Architect’s Keys open the large adamantine doors. Inside was not a vault, but a prison for one of the more powerful demons Morkat had allied with during the War of Shadow. It was Azazzel. He was hanging by a chain.

There was a shout from behind them, “You shall not have him!”. There was a tiefling and a man in black plate armor with a large greatsword. They teleported into the room next to Azazzel, and she summoned six large ogres from paper strips tucked in her belt. As the party battled the ogres, the tiefling and her companion cut down the demon and teleported back to the main chamber where there was a portal stone. They used it and were gone. The party finished battling the Ogres.

There is one more door in the well to open.

More Levels

In addition to the rooms with air pillars and the shrine to the primal element of air, the party also find an armory with magic armor, the also find a gallery of paintings and sculptures with an air theme, as well as a sculpture of one of Po’s companions, Bazren Neelsen – Master of Air, and Bazren’s journal.

The Party descends into the next level. Here they find and fight fire elemenetals, find crystal pillars that whoosh fire, an armor of magic weapons, a fire themed gallery with a statue of Jeden Mazzdron – Master of fire, and his journal, and a shrine dedicated to the primal force of fire, with an egg on the altar. When Gog takes the egg the Party gets another vision.

Po is seated writing at a desk again, his wife, Ez’ra, enters and talk of an argument Po had with Alric. One of Po’s companions enter, a dwarf named Kardurg (Known as the builder), and declares the ‘deed’ is done though many lives were lost. Po regrets the loss, but states cost must be paid.

When the party rests next, Oro (on last watch) overhears fighting from outside the room and below them in lower levels. They discover Orcs have come in to scout or raid the place, but were slain on the lowest level by the earth elementals there. They send Gog to the top and raise the entrance elevator/floor, he returns sucessful sealing them in, but note that there are a lot of Orcs up top outside. Determines to get the rest of the eggs/plot device before the bad guys do, they double their efforts.

They go down to the next level (water), find the gallery room (Filled with fountains and water-based art) get the Master of Water journal, find the vault that had magic boots and belt, and the shrine to the elemental force of Water with a vision:

They see the moment where Alric defeats/destroys Morkat the Lich King. Po and his companions are there throwing magic around. Big fight. Everyone cheers the defeat of the bad guys except Alric and Po, who glare at each other.

Rather than turning off the water pillars (Having to battle elementals to do so), the party descends into the earth level. Find a library (With a delighted squee from Samara) and an earth gallery, and the earth shrine with an amber egg. Also a pair of Very large metal doors with two architeect key holes and four egg-shaped cubbyholes. There are lit magical runes around two of them. It is decided more pillars need to be turned off. But first grab the Egg and have another vision:

Alric is Emperor in his throne room atop his tower in Cross, the same tower that The Guild now uses. Po and his companions enter. Po and Alric argue about Alric’s lost lance. Po refuses to give it back, indicating it’s use is still needed and not by Alric. Alric banishes the Red Wizards from the Empire.

Alric's Well

Using their new Architect’s key, the party finds an indentation in the very center of the plateau and place the amulet into it. A section of the floor lowers, elevator-like, into the mountain, eventually into a large chamber.

The first room they enter they get a vision:
A young bald boy named Po writing and drawing at a desk. His abusive father enters, yells at Po, then shows him to guests, Red Wizards to come and invite Po into their order, he agrees, knowing, and says the Darkness comes.

The party goes to other rooms and have to battle air elementals, and find large crystal pillars that hum with wooshing air. They eventually find a shrine of the primal elemental force of air with a large crystal egg upon it. When Gog grabs the egg a second vision starts.

Many years have passed, and an older Po with his father, who is a great leader of a barbarian tribe, has gathered with other tribal leaders. They meet with Alric, and other Red Wizards who convince them to travel north to combat Markat, the Lich King. He gives them gauntlets of great power.

The party realize to open stairs to goto lower level all the pillars must be deactivated. They do so.


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